Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tri, tri again

Tina and I hit the Newark community center pool again last night. We tried to do 4 laps without stopping to rest, instead of resting after 2 laps, and we were mostly successful. We had done about 8 laps when I noticed one of the guys swimming in our lane had a Team in Training swim cap. As he stopped for a breather, I asked him if he was training for a tri. Yep, he's training for the Pacific Grove Wildflower Tri. Funny thing is, another guy swims up and joins the conversation. He's done several tri's, and some of them with TNT too! Wow, TNT'ers are everywhere!! Go Team!

We spent a bit of time chatting about tri's in general, telling them about our marathon training, and even got some good swim stroke tips. I think the training, although tough, would be more interesting. If you get bored with running, go swim or bike. Now if we get bored with running...too bad, got to keep going! Both guys said that they didn't really swim before joining the team, so maybe Tina and I aren't as far away from a Tri as we thought. Maybe Wildflower next year, eh Tina? We agreed that we'd probably want to try out a sprint distance first. That's 'only' a 1/2 mile swim. We did a total of 40 laps tonight, or just over 1/2 a mile. This was despite an obsessed guy with paddle-hands who tried to run us slower folks over, and a water aerobics wench who I caught splashing lap swimmers while they were trying to breathe!

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