Thursday, July 06, 2006

Long run through the swarm

Since I'll be traveling on Saturday, I decided to do my long run (6-8 miles this week) today. I'd usually be doing track, so I'm missing that workout, but I feel it's more important to get the miles in at this point.

I did the same route as before, 5 mile loop with 2 plus miles round trip to get to the loop. I actually caught the loop I missed last time, and guess what?!? It was a nice uphill section. Fun! At least it was cooler today and not so humid. I actually felt pretty good when I finished. About 7.4 miles in 1:35.

I should have received hazard pay for this run because the Japanese beetles were everywhere!! I think they've eaten all the foliage around and are looking for their next meal. I got beaned several times by the little buggers. Makes it hard to comfortably breathe through the mouth as I didn't want to suck one in. Ugh.

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