Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fast or of each

Tina got our workout instructions and we met up at the high school track. One other TNT'er showed up, a mentor, who gave us a mini-lecture about attending the 'official' TNT training/runs, making a commitment, yada yada. Sorry, but driving 2 hours round trip for 30-45 minutes of training doesn't seem like an effective use of my time. Now that we're up into double digit mileage tho, we've agreed that it would probably be good to attend the supported runs. It's nice to have someone waiting with water, gatorade and gummy bears every couple of miles.

Anywhoo, we did our 1/2 mile warm up. And man did we warm up! It's been in the upper 80's here, which is quite warm for us. Running at 6:30PM leaves me sweating and wheezing. After the warm up and stretching, we were to do one 'hard' lap and one 'easy' lap. I wanted to do my hard lap in under 10 minutes and my easy lap at marathon pace. My hard lap came in at just over 9 minutes. My marathon lap was around 11 minutes. One more walking cool down lap and we were out of there! 2.5 miles total.

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