Thursday, July 13, 2006

Track workout

Tina led our track workout this week and we actually had one other TNT'er join us tonight. The schedule was to do 19, 21 or 23 minutes of running then 6 sprints. Sprints= cones set up at each end of the straight on the track, you sprint between the cones then recover on the turns. Tina actually bought cones for us! How 'geeky runner cool' is that? So I did about 22 minutes, 2 miles, then my 6 sprints for another .75 miles. A .25 mile cool down (walking) and I get 3 miles total. I cheated and didn't do a warm up since I showed up a little late, so I don't get to add anything for that. I did the 2.75 miles in about 30 minutes, not bad. Tina's getting good at leading the track workout! She should be a mentor next season!

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