Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Run

Tonight Tina and I decided to head out toward Coytote Creek and do the 'new' section that we did before and then the loop for a total of somewhere around 8 miles. I didn't bring Bam, although she gave me the biggest puppy dog eyes you've ever seen. I felt so bad about leaving her at home, but I think more than 6-6.5 is too much for her.

So we arrived and headed out on the trail. And before long, Tina wasn't feeling so good. We couldn't figure out if it was what she ate, or just being tired, or dehydrated, or what, but she was very nauseous. So we slowed down the pace...yes, it's possible to go even slower than we usually do. I volunteered to head back early, but she was very determined to finish the run. She reminded me that coach always says 'No Wimps!' Ah, but I reminded her that coach also says 'Don't let ego overrule good judgement.' Anyway, we did the whole darn thing for a total of 7.7 miles in about 1:37.

A very strange coincidence, but that's just about the pace we'll need to finish the marathon in 5:30 (my goal). As I figure it, 5:30 is 330 minutes.

330 minutes/26.2 miles=12:595 min/mile.

And look at this: 97 min/7.7 miles=12.597 min/mile.

That's cool because at that pace I felt that I could go for a while. I thought I was really going to have to start pushing my pace to make a 5:30 marathon, but now I'm thinking we will be able to handle it. Hip, hip, hurrah! See Tina, I told you we could do it!

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fishsprout said...

Wow, that's geekdom at it's best. And, here I thought we were putt putting. Just don't eat shot blocks before the big race... *burp*... :-p