Saturday, December 19, 2009

It gets me every time

The IronMan World Championship broadcast was on TV today.  I didn't make the coverage, which may be a very good thing considering how fabulous (heavy sarcasm intended) I probably looked.

It was fun watching and telling Jeff, I remember "xxx" happened there.  I remember that guy.  Remember that woman?  Oh, there's the bike turn-around.  Yeah, I wasn't feeling so hot at that point.  The woman who had severe back spasms...I remember seeing her on the way back into Kona on the final part of the run.  And hoping that she would somehow be able to make it.  I remember seeing Matt, the Biggest Loser guy, on his way into the Energy Lab when I was on my way out.  I remember thinking he'd have to hustle.

And I seem to have forgotten how difficult and exhausting and hot and humid it was. And, and....exciting and motivating and yes, even in some ways, fun.  I told Jeff, "I want to do that again."  And meant it.  That damn broadcast is why I threw my hat into the lottery ring last year, and it got me again.  It gets me every time.  The inspirational stories, the sights, the sounds.  It all gets me.  And so, yes, I want to do that again.  And if I can get lottery luck again some day.....I will.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blah humbug

I've noticed, and not just in my own house mind you, a lack of ho ho holiday spirit this year.  So many people I talk to either haven't bought a single gift, or put up a single decoration, or like me....both. 

I'm not exactly sure what the story is this year.  Maybe it was just an epic kind of year and I'm wiped out emotionally.  Maybe it's that work is draining the life out of me with two big deadlines in as many weeks.  Maybe it's that I've been bombarded with Holiday "cheer" (read: marketing opportunities) for more than a month and a half already.  Maybe the holidays have finally lost their novelty.

I think it's easier to get into the spirit when you have little ones around.  But Bam doesn't seem that excited about the holidays this year either.

Any way you slice it, our house is feeling pretty Blah Humbug.

photo courtesy of T, from when Bam was much younger...
and without so much white in her face.....
but with the same grinchy attitude

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lessons in nutrition

I had an appointment last week with another one of my goal achieving army. I did a nutritional analysis and spoke with the nutritionist to see what changes I could make to lose weight, but keep or increase muscle mass. Big surprise....I'm not getting enough protein. Overall she was quite happy with most of my eating habits and where my nutrient levels were at. All except the protein. And of course if you up one thing, you have to reduce another to keep the calorie count the same, right? So, a little less carbs and a little more protein. Like I said....big surprise. Pleasantly surprised tho that she doesn't have anything against a little treat....a couple of cookies, a piece of long as it's not all day, every day. I *can* have something every day. Just can't have dessert at lunch AND dinner. *sigh*

I like her approach in general, that we're not really restricting anything. It's small changes. And her goal is that I'll say "piece of cake (not literally), I can do this forever" and not feel like I'm starving.

We discussed weight and weight loss history and how every body is different. And how bodies tend to have a set point where they're happy, and it can get to be too much of a hassle or get too frustrating to try to kick them out of their happy place. And from my history, it's quite possible that my body is at it's happy place. And it will be tough to evict it.

We talked about likes (quite a few), dislikes (also, quite a few), and various ways to get more protein into my diet. My biggest goals are to increase variety and make sure I get at least 2, preferably 3, food groups per meal. So instead of snacks that are carb/fruit or veggies I need snacks that are protein/fruit or veggies/small carbs.

This week begins my diet modification. And yes, I realize I picked the *perfect* time of year to give this a whirl. But if it doesn't work year is right around the corner.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Setting goals

I find as the holidays approach (or pass...uh, hello and goodbye Turkey Day), that I have little to no motivation for the things I *should* be doing. And lots of motivation to ignore those things and do other things instead.

Unfortunately there are 2 (or were 2....1 is now wrapped up....knock wood) big deadlines at work in between T-Day and X-Mas. One of the big hematologic oncology meetings happens the first weekend of December, and we had an oral presentation as well as a poster presentation to prep. Hopefully those are now in the bag, especially since the attendees are, yeah, tomorrow. Whew, one down.... UPDATE: Boss just walked out the door, without asking for any additional info or changes! Woot!

But I digress! Goals...yes, that's where I was headed.

I've set some goals for next year. I figured I can start working on them now and get a head start. In no particular order......

1: Clean house. And I'm not talking about that superficial cleaning that has been my go-to for the last too-many-to-count months. I know, I was a little busy doing other things. Fun things. But the house seriously needs cleaning. The simplest thing may be to bring in a fire hose and blast it all outside, but there are a few things I'd like to keep. One being my dog....and my bike on the trainer.....oh, and my husband......ahem, in no particular order of course. I did get started on this, but the two toughest rooms are still waiting. Both the spare bedrooms, which have boxes and boxes, and drawers and drawers, of "stuff" in them. I'm feeling a need to simplify. Get rid of a ton of "stuff." If it's in a box that has dust on the top....out with it! Don't even open it. Yeah, okay, I can't do that either. Open it, but throw away without a backward glance. And keep the husband away while doing it. Historically I throw, he comes by usually when I'm not looking, and starts pulling stuff back out. *sigh*

2: Drop some weight, or at least some fat. Neither of which will be easy considering this is the season of eating. Altho......the boxes of candies, cookies, cakes, and various treats that we get from vendors hasn't started arriving. Perhaps the state of the economy will put a damper on those this year. That would help my cause for sure. Evidently I'm a see food person. If the food is in sight, I *must* eat it. At least it seems true for the foods that I *shouldn't* be eating. Maybe that's a simplification. I think it's more that I tend to let myself get too hungry between feedings, so then I grab the first thing available. And that tends to be the crap....the delicious, decadent crap that hangs around this time of year. I did start working out again with my weight trainer, Elena (another evil, evil woman who enjoys making me suffer), this morning. And thought I might die. Yeah, I can pedal my bike for hours on end, but one hour with her and I want to pass out...what gives? Evil, I tell you. But in the pursuit of the lower fat me, she'll be a good ally. Remind me of that when I can barely move tomorrow.

3: Get faster. I feel the need...the need for speed....on the bike. And the run. And why not..the swim too. And the best thing is....if I get faster/better/smarter at the bike, it helps my run. Bonus! I've set a somewhat ambitious goal for my biking, with an appropriate reward if said goal is met. It may take more than just next year. But I'm patient (HAHAHAHA....who am I kidding?!?!). Okay, I will try to be patient with this. As I've been takes time. And the reward, plus evil workouts from Coach Liz, will push me to harden up. Included in this is the need to find a 'good' Masters swim group. I've been less than impressed with the couple I've tried so far. Two more on tap to test out but I'm running out of places within a reasonable driving distance.

4: Get my resume in order. I don't have an immediate need, but big things should be happening either for better or for worse at work early next year. Best to be prepared. And as much as I bitch about my current job, there really are quite a few advantages, so replacing those will be tough. I may try to flip to doing consulting/temp work if things fall apart here. I'll have to see. At least there still seems to be *some* market for my skill set.

Let's start with those, shall we? And let's raise a glass to progress toward goals! Cheers!