Saturday, December 19, 2009

It gets me every time

The IronMan World Championship broadcast was on TV today.  I didn't make the coverage, which may be a very good thing considering how fabulous (heavy sarcasm intended) I probably looked.

It was fun watching and telling Jeff, I remember "xxx" happened there.  I remember that guy.  Remember that woman?  Oh, there's the bike turn-around.  Yeah, I wasn't feeling so hot at that point.  The woman who had severe back spasms...I remember seeing her on the way back into Kona on the final part of the run.  And hoping that she would somehow be able to make it.  I remember seeing Matt, the Biggest Loser guy, on his way into the Energy Lab when I was on my way out.  I remember thinking he'd have to hustle.

And I seem to have forgotten how difficult and exhausting and hot and humid it was. And, and....exciting and motivating and yes, even in some ways, fun.  I told Jeff, "I want to do that again."  And meant it.  That damn broadcast is why I threw my hat into the lottery ring last year, and it got me again.  It gets me every time.  The inspirational stories, the sights, the sounds.  It all gets me.  And so, yes, I want to do that again.  And if I can get lottery luck again some day.....I will.

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Pamela said...

Go Kris! You are already Iron now go for Steel!!!(2x Iron) I want to be there rooting you on again!!!