Wednesday, August 22, 2012

small world

I'm sitting here at SFO waiting for a flight that doesn't leave for a few hours.  Yes, I'm very early.  Jeff dropped me and headed to work, and I had some work to do (it's downloading now, so no I'm not blowing it off) so I figured I'd head to the lounge and hang out.  Easier than taking a shuttle that would stop a million times.

So I thought I'd entertain you with a quick tale......

I'm walking into the terminal and I see a police officer stop at our car and can see he's talking to Jeff.  As I'm in line waiting, I drop Jeff a text to see what's up.  He doesn't respond, but calls me on the cell (hand free, of course) and tells me the story.

Evidently the PO pulled up and sort of blocked Jeff in, and rolls down his window.  He says "Penticton?"  Jeff says, "Yeah, that's where she's heading."  Evidently he had noticed my IM sticker on the back of my car.  And not only had he noticed, but he then asks "Did she lottery in?" because he had seen that it's actually a Kona IM sticker.  And because evidently his hyper-observational powers have already registered the fact that I'm not in shape enough to make it to Kona otherwise?  Maybe true...but still rude.  Then he tells Jeff that he's done Canada, and he even had his chance, about 20 yrs ago, to try his hand at Kona.  He didn't finish, evidently had a huge issue on the swim (no details to relate).  So there rude police officer....I may not be fit enough to qualify, but I'm fit enough to finish Kona.

Okay, I admit....I may be a bit taper-crazy at this point.  The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one, right?

And with data has downloaded.  I'll get some work done now.  If my taper-fried brain will just focus for a couple hours.  *sigh*  Are we there yet?