Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blah humbug

I've noticed, and not just in my own house mind you, a lack of ho ho holiday spirit this year.  So many people I talk to either haven't bought a single gift, or put up a single decoration, or like me....both. 

I'm not exactly sure what the story is this year.  Maybe it was just an epic kind of year and I'm wiped out emotionally.  Maybe it's that work is draining the life out of me with two big deadlines in as many weeks.  Maybe it's that I've been bombarded with Holiday "cheer" (read: marketing opportunities) for more than a month and a half already.  Maybe the holidays have finally lost their novelty.

I think it's easier to get into the spirit when you have little ones around.  But Bam doesn't seem that excited about the holidays this year either.

Any way you slice it, our house is feeling pretty Blah Humbug.

photo courtesy of T, from when Bam was much younger...
and without so much white in her face.....
but with the same grinchy attitude

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