Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tired buns

Jeff and I had tickets today for the Moto GP motorcycle races at Laguna Seca Raceway. We had already decided to ride 2-up on Jeff's bike, since we were both unsure if I was ready to tackle a long, traffic filled ride on Highway 17. So, we packed up and headed out. Can I just was so HOT! We really should have left earlier. Hindsight, yada yada. Traffic wasn't too bad until we hit Santa Cruz. I think everyone in the Bay area was heading for the beach. We sat and sat in traffic, which is way worse on a bike than in a car. It took us about 2.5 hours for what should have been a 1.5 hour drive, at the most.

We eventually arrived at the raceway after a twisty little road that was reserved for race attendees on bikes only. Cool. Next time (if there is a next time), I'm riding my own bike. The coolest thing was pulling into the motorcycle parking area and seeing just a sea of bikes parked all up and down the hills. Wow. There must have been a few thousand bikes. Every make and model you could imagine, and some you probably couldn't. The parking area was all dried grass and Jeff and I thought about what would happen if a hot exhaust pipe sparked a grass fire. All those bikes up in flames. Not good.

We headed to our seats to check out the race. Have I mentioned how HOT is was today?? It was so hot that the Coca-Cola bottling company was giving away bottles of water instead of selling them! We were rooting for Rossi to win, and he was making his move, until....with 3 laps to go his bike started smoking. Bummer. It's amazing how these riders just lay the bikes almost completely over in the turns. Jeff thought he'd like a chance to get on a bike with the track all to himself and see what it's like. Might be fun....but not on my bike!

Enough of the heat, time to head home. Once again sitting in a staggering amount of traffic and sitting and waiting and sitting, etc. We didn't take 17 home, opting instead for the more boring, but somewhat more efficient 101. At least we were moving, but heading through Gilroy it was again, HOT, and the smell of garlic was heavy in the air.

Let's far today we've sat on a motorcycle seat for 2.5 hours, a bleacher seat for several hours and now we're back on the motorcycle seat for a couple hour ride home. Yes that all adds up to very tired buns. I'm not sure if I would have been better off on my own bike or not. I thought the back seat on Jeff's bike was way more comfortable than my own seat, but now I'm not so sure. I do remember reading a review of his bike and the writer complaining about the 'washboard' seat. Seems to be a pretty accurate review from my perspective. Corbin seats are looking better all the time!

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