Sunday, July 09, 2006

Caddy or be the judge

I used to play golf with Jeff and boy did we play a lot. Too much I guess, because I have no interest in playing. None, zip, nada, zilch, null, zero. But to spend a little time with Jeff, I've agreed to caddy for him on occasion. Before I left on my week long trip to Illinois, I agreed to caddy the Sunday after I got back, which was today.

He was meeting up with a couple of guys from Apple, who I've met and are nice guys, at a course close to us called Callippe. I've never played there and Jeff just went for the first time last week. It was a nice day when we started, around 8:45. We thought they would fill the foursome with someone else, but it was just us. So our tee time came and off we went. The first couple of holes were great. Tooling along and then wham the heat started up! The little thermometer on the golf bag said it was about 100 degrees. The first 9 was very walker friendly. Not so the back 9 which was all uphill. Impossible you say?? Well, it sure felt that way.

A professional caddy gets at least 10% of the players earnings for doing the job. The job includes checking yardages, cleaning the clubs and the ball, and mostly carrying the clubs. In my case I push the clubs because we have a cart, but I tell you what, pushing it up those hills is tiring! Since Jeff isn't making money as a golfer (yet), 10% of nothing is nothing. I do get the benefit of the exercise tho, so that's something.

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