Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sometimes it's good not to see

Tina and I met up at the Newark community center for our swimming session. It was really crowded tonight for some reason. There were 6-7 people in our lane, including one woman who seemed to be doing synchronized herself. Strange. Also, the pool was pretty nasty tonight. Tina's goggles tend to fog up and this is one time where I'd like to have traded her. I didn't really want to see the multitude of things that were swirling around the pool. We managed 32 laps in 32 minutes, including rest periods and waiting for people to get out of the way periods. Then we hit the weight room for a bit more exercise. I forgot my tennis shoes, so I was wearing flip flops. A big no-no in a weight room. I was duly scolded and promised to bring proper attire next time. Note to self: make sure to bring proper attire.

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