Friday, July 28, 2006

Messing with the schedule...again

Tina and I couldn't coordinate our schedules to run tomorrow, so instead of resting today we both decided to do our Saturday long run today instead, although at different times. Tina had a route all mapped out and gave me directions over the phone. And I'm off. Down our usual trail at Coytote Hills, up a big, big hill, out the trail towards the bay. All the way to the bay and turn around. Back to the trail and towards the truck. Here is where something went wrong. I made a left when I should have gone straight, I think. Getting pretty tired about now and running out of time too. I need to be somewhere at 7:30 and it's 6:15 now. Hurry, hurry. I finally find the right trail and get back to the truck after 9.8 miles and 1 hour 47 minutes. Whew, just enough time to get home, shower and head out. Not a bad run time, but exhausting! I am beat. Tomorrow.....REST! Woohoo!

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