Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Neither darkness, nor pesticide spraying, nor blooming migraine...

..shall keep the intrepid runners from running.

'We' (Tina) decided to run this morning to beat the heat. Bam and I were at Tina's house at 5:30 despite the thumping in my head that warned of an approaching migraine. One of us was rearing to go..and it wasn't me....or Tina. We drove over to Coyote Hills, which since it was still dark was closed. There was also a sign posted that the trail was closed due to spraying and wouldn't be opening until 2 pm. Luckily we saw the park ranger and asked him about running the trail. He told us which section we should run on to avoid being pesticided and gave us 'permission' to enter the park despite the posted warnings.

We parked outside the gates and took off on our run. Tina had quickly replotted our route so we could avoid the dreaded spraying. Suspiciously we were going to have to hit some hills...which I think was her plan all along. We were troopers though and did a whole 6 miles in about 1:15. Go Team!

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