Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What the heck is a fielding pitcher??

So instead of doing my workout, I gave in to peer pressure and played softball with my company team. It's a coed team and there have to be 5 women. It's always an issue to get enough women to show up, and since it was a 9 pm game, it's even more of an issue. So even though I didn't officially sign up to play this season, I 'subbed.'

The position I usually play is fielding pitcher. In the league we play in each team pitches to their own players so there has to be a person who plays the defensive part of the pitching position. What I mean to say is that if you're the pitcher and your teammate hits the ball towards you, you may be inclined not to quickly field the ball. So, that's my job. If the batter hits the ball towards the pitcher, it's my job to field it and make the play. I've always been pretty fortunate in that we have a great 2nd basewoman, Allison, and a great shortstop, used to be Brad - now Terrance. So whatever I don't get to they cover really well. We almost always get beat, but we sure have some fun! Last night was no exception. Ah, well.

Oh, also there were about a zillion bugs flying around so everyone was trying not to eat too many. It's been quite warm here the last couple of days and last night was very still, not the usual breeze. With the bright field lights the bugs were out in swarms! I guess a little extra protein couldn't hurt. Ewwww.

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