Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday goings on

Had another email from my friend Don (Hot Stuff's dad). His daughter lost one of her Malamutes yesterday to the same type of tumor that got Hot Stuff. His name was Levi and the difference was that they knew he had a tumor in his spleen, and were basically waiting for time to be up. One nice thing, if there can be anything 'nice' about a time like this, is that their vet comes out to the house to euthanize the dogs. At least they get to go in their own house with family around them. Still, it's sad. If bad news comes in threes, then that's it for bad dog news. First Angel, then Hot Stuff and now Levi.

Other Monday happenings: did a yoga class, then some elliptical machine and abs.....yes, I actually made it back into the gym today. I know, I know, it's hard to believe. I actually went to the yoga class by mistake. I misread the schedule and thought it was going to be an upper body/abs class. It turned out well though as it helped me stretch my tight muscles.

Tomorrow Tina and I are going to run Coyote Hills. She sent out an email to our training group, so we'll see if anyone joins us. I've only met one of the other folks, since I haven't been to any of the activites. Tina and I have been doing all the same stuff on our own. Seems like this time the training runs/coaches runs are pretty far away. The one this Saturday (5-7 miles) is in Concord. I think it's about an hour drive....each way. With the price of gas, we've been doing our own thing closer to home. When we start getting into the longer miles, I'm going to have to hit the supported runs though. It's pretty hard to carry all the water, snacks, etc that you need for 14-16-18-20 miles of running.

There is a decided lack of exciting stuff for today. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

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