Friday, June 23, 2006


Slacked off from training again last night. We went to see Joe Jackson in concert at Villa Montalvo. We've never been there before, but it's a great venue. Very small, great sound. Also since it's been so hot the last few days, last night was really nice. Didn't even need a sweater.

The opening act was a blind guitarist named Raul Midon. He was really good. I think Jeff is going to try to find his music...maybe on iTunes. Anyway it was a really good show with plenty of comic relief from the 'drunkards' as Joe Jackson called them. One guy in particular was quite boistrous and would just yell out comments. I'm not super familiar with all of Joe Jackson's music so when another guy yelled out "What the hell's the matter with you tonight?" I thought he was a heckler. Turns out that's the first line in one of Joe Jackson's songs. To that guy: I apologize for thinking you were a total jerk.

Joe Jackson:

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