Sunday, June 18, 2006

Running: Sunol

Went running with Tina and Bam at Sunol Regional Park today. We did 5.5 miles. Okay, it's not 6 miles as directed on the training calendar, but if you could see the trail you'd know that we more than made up for the missing 1/2 mile with all the long hills! Wow, it was a tough run. Well, it was tough for 2 out of 3 of us...guess who made it look easy?

The trail is in the foothills close to Fremont and dogs are allowed off leash in the 'undeveloped' areas, which this definitely was. So Bam had a blast. She stomped on lizards (or tried to), she chased little animals (ground squirrels), and not so little ones (cows). She drank out of the cow trough and rolled in cow pies. Yes, that's right, cow pies. She did great for about the first half of the run but then she couldn't resist any longer. She did a great job of it too. Poop in a clump on her collar. Poop on her ears. Poop on her head. Poop on her back. One big ball of poop. Yuck. Bath time for Bambi!

We got home and washed her up and settled her in for a nice long nap. Post bath I was brushing her and found two ticks. Ugh. Promptly pulled those little suckers off before they could burrow in any further! I thought Advantix was supposed to keep those off! Ewww.

I think she may have overdone on the run. She was limping a bit tonight. Maybe her muscles are just sore, like mine. I still argue that she is one tough puppy. I gave her a coated aspirin and she seems to be doing better this evening. I'll check her again in the morning and dose her again if needed. No running tomorrow since it's a strength training day, so she'll get some rest.

Here's how Bam looked this afternoon. This pic is post-bath. If I had been thinking, I would have done a 'before' shot just for posterity sake. Ah, well, I'm sure I'll have another opportunity!

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fishsprout said...

psst, we were told 4-6 ... we definitely came closer to 6! you overachiever you. :-p