Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Coyote Hills....Quarry Trail....Where are we???

So Tina, Bam and I set out to find a new running route. We need some variety, for God's sake! I saw a map on the web of a different route out at Coyote Hills, which was supposed to be 5.5 miles and looked fairly straight forward. So we got to what we thought was the starting point and took off on the 'Quarry Trail'. The first part was a little hilly, but not bad. Then there was a big downhill and the thought was...oh crap, we're going to have to run back up that at the end! Oh well, nothing to be done about it now. We got to where the 'new' trail met up with our usual trail and it was a bit longer than we thought. So we decided to take a short cut across our usual loop. If memory served us correctly, we would cut about 1/2 the loop off and end up with about 5 miles total. Well, our memory was fuzzy, so we missed the turn and ended up doing a significant hill twice plus some stairs. Then another loooooong hill. Long story short, we did 5.4 miles in about 1:05. Not the fastest, but there was also a lot of headwind and many hills. No matter which way we ran there was headwind. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Oh yeah, Bam was once again a little monster pulling me after ground squirrels. Once Tina and I were both sure that I was going down. Somehow I saved it. I think Bam gets so tired toward the end of the run because she's pulling our combined weight so much of the time. And I'm so tired because I'm holding back our combined weight! Wild girl!

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