Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Schwimming pool

Since I had a very important appointment (to get my hair cut) this evening, Tina and I hit the pool at 6:30 this morning. I am most impressed with Tina. She actually got up and out to meet me at 6:30 on one of her 'in between jobs' days off!! I don't know that I would agree to that!

We paid our daily use fee and noticed a board that said 36 laps=1/2 mile. We could do that right?!? Uh, no. We started swimming and as usual quickly discovered how fast one can become breathless. Or snort some water up the nose. Or both at the same time. We did manage to increase our 'mileage' to 26 lengths of the pool. We were taking a rest, a very brief one tho, after each 2 lengths. Oh, I had bought some goggles and this was the first time I used them. I give them 5/5 stars!! Awesome job on those Speedo! Okay the only drawback was the suction-like action on my eyeballs, but they didn't leave rings and no water seeped in, so I guess they were just tight enough.

By the time we finished our laps, the pool was really starting to fill up. Also, one of us had to get to work! So I headed to the showers and Tina hit the gym for some weights. I need to call my trainer and see what kind of a deal he'd give us if Tina and I did tag team training sessions. That way we can both get our bods in shape and it's much easier to force yourself into the gym if you have a standing 'appointment.' I usually am glad I went, it's just getting in there that seems to be an issue.

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