Thursday, June 15, 2006, I mean swimming

Tina wanted to try out lap swimming last night. We've been kicking the idea of doing a mini-triathlon around, maybe a sprint distance. Even the sprint distance is a 500 yard swim though. That's 20 laps of the pool. So we set out to the community center last night and decided we'd do 20 laps. For those of you who haven't been swimming in a while, let me tell's hard. Of course it didn't help that we didn't have goggles, and we both wear contacts, so our faces were out of the water the majority of the time. And I still managed to lose a contact. Argh. So, anyway, we did 20 laps, but included a lot of rest breaks. I don't know if I could be ready for a sprint distance tri by September. Not with training for the Nike marathon anyway. It was a good change of pace though - some nice NO impact exercise.

After swimming we did some weights and some ab work. Tina is now blaming her sore shoulders on me, but I think it was the swimming. The community center is a bit pricey, at $6 for a day pass, so maybe once/week is as much as I'd go. I really need to get back to the gym and hit the weights. Our trainer, Mike, called last night just to see how Jeff and I are doing. Jeff had been working out with the trainer again until his (Jeff's) back started acting up again. It's nice that the Mike calls to check up on us, but boy the guilt kicks in. Anyway, I told him that I'm running again and that I know I need to get back in there and will give him a call when I'm ready. Yeah, he's heard that before. The thing is that the sessions are already paid for, so it doesn't make sense to just let them go to waste. I'd like for Jeff to get back into working out. It makes it much easier when you have someone else pushing you to get out of bed because they have an appointment at the gym. But if his back doesn't heal up then I'll have to just make myself get in there and get beat up by Mike. I have a definite lack of motivation. Not sure what's fueling it. Luckily Tina's around to make me get my butt moving.

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