Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hills in reverse

Tina and I are getting bored with running the same old routes. Unfortunately we don't know of any different ones in the area. So, tonight we hit Garin regional park, along with Bam. She isn't too picky about where we run, just happy to be out on the open road. :-) Tina made the decision to run the big hill loop tonight, so it's all her fault.

We decided to run the loop in reverse, just for variety. Drats! We still have to go up the big hill at the beginning. Then we hit a nice little downhill section. Then we went up, up, up. Not too steep, but a really long hill! Funny, but I don't remember it being so downhill in the reverse direction. Selective memory?!? When we came to the T intersection at the top of the hill, I tried to tell Tina that we should go left. No, no, she thinks we need to go up to the top of the nasty hill! Okay, in her defense, I'm usually the directionally challenged one. So we went up the hill and found ourselves on a trail we don't usually run. No sweat, we could see that it looped back towards the parking area. It did shorten the run a bit tho...good thing we parked farther away to add some distance. A total of 3.6 miles in 50 minutes. Slow, yes, but it was the hills' fault. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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