Saturday, August 26, 2006

Taking it easy...until the 16-miler

Ah, it's over. Now I can smile.

Since my shin has been acting up, I took Thursday off of track, Friday is usually a rest day, so I had two rest days in a row. Wow, what did I do with all that extra time? Don't know, but it went by pretty quickly.

Today Tina and I headed up to the Berkeley marina for our 16-mile run. I've been having shin issues and Tina went to a wedding last night and got some huge blisters on her toes. Ouch, I don't know how she managed to run on those feet! We started out slowly to see how we were going to hold up to our various injuries. We decided that if we had to cut it short, we would just go as far as we could and that's that.

I was also trying out my new hydration belt, an Amphipod RunLite belt. It only came with 2-8oz bottles, so I'll have to pick up a couple more, but overall it worked pretty well. Pretty comfortable and with the different bottles I can carry both Gatorade Rain and water. I think it's a keeper.

Oh, yeah, so anyway, we made it to the 6 mile mark pretty comfortably, then the 7 mile mark and finally the 8 mile turn around. The next couple of miles back weren't too bad, but about 10 miles in I started feeling exhausted and HUNGRY! A few pretzels at each water stop just wasn't enough. Guess I really need to try the heavy duty Gu or Shot Blocks again. They probably provide more concentrated calories than the pretzels. The salty food sure does taste good though. With about 3-1/2 miles left, I really started feeling achy. I just wanted to see that finish line. One more water stop at about 2 miles and it was into the home stretch. The last two miles are the longest miles you can imagine! I thought I'd never see that finish line! I finally made it and quickly grabbed some food and drink. Whew, only 3 more 'long' runs to go. An 18-miler, a 20-miler and the big one---the Nike 26.2. The end is in sight.

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