Sunday, August 06, 2006

Beach time

We spent the weekend in Monterey, well just outside Monterey if you want to be technical. Jeff wanted to fish and Bam and I love to hang out on the beach. Especially the beach in Carmel. Carmel is an amazingly dog friendly town. Quite a few of the stores have dog water bowls in front and cookies for 4 legged children. There's also a great 'pet boutique' called Diggity Dog. They have awesome treats and all sorts of great dog stuff. 'We' like to stop in there. Usually the sales folks have free samples for dogs with sad puppy dog eyes. Bam works that one pretty well.

So we got up Saturday morning all set to hang out at the beach while Jeff did the fishing thing. We drive out to the beach, close to Moss Landing, and pull into the parking lot. Uh, what's that big sign with a the picture of a dog and a red line through it? No dogs allowed?!? Come to find out all the state beaches are 'no dog' beaches. Sheesh!! Horses are allowed but dogs aren't ?!?!? What is up with that?

Well, we dropped Jeff off and drove about 20 minutes down to Carmel which as I said has an awesome and dog friendly beach. Bam and I hung out there for a few hours then went and picked up the intrepid fisherman. When we got there to pick him up, a ranger came by and we asked him about dog beaches by Moss Landing. Turns out there's only one, and that's because it's a county beach. So we drove over and hung out there for a few more hours. A few dogs, not too many, but not a bad beach.

Sunday home. All in all a great weekend, and one tired pup!

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