Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not quite as fast

Bam and I went for our buddy run this evening. Tina's taking a rest from running. Looks like I spoke too soon when I said no one was injured on our smokin' Saturday run. Her foot has been bothering her and since we have another big run this Saturday, she's resting up.

We headed out from home and did an Alameda Creek trail run. Tonight we went out by Shinn Pond and out towards Mission Blvd to the end of the trail and back. I started feeling some aches in my shin so I didn't push for 10 min miles tonight. I think Bam is glad. :-)

We did have to make a pit stop at the Shinn Pond park area. Bam spotted this couple who always hand out treats to the dogs. They bring an enormous bag and it's just too funny to see the dogs all sitting in a circle around them. So a few treats later we were on our way again and made it home just as the sun was setting. 5.03 miles in a little over 52 mins.

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