Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hills and Mozzies

Tina, Bam, Teva (Tina's newest addition to her K9 family) and I hit Coyote Hills for our 'track' workout. We're still nursing our respective injuries...well, Tina and I are anyway. So we parked inside the gates instead of parking outside like we do when we want to tack on additional mileage. We warmed up by getting to 'The hill' and then did 3 sets of up and down the big hill. By the time we did the last hill the sun had started to set and we were being devoured by mosquitoes. We hot footed it out of the park, into the truck and home. Too late, we were already bitten up and Tina's sure we're going to get West Nile. Maybe it's time to use some bug spray. I wonder if it's sweat-proof.

About 3.25 miles in 42 mins. It's the hill's fault.

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