Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy B'Day to Me....

Maybe not the greatest way to start a birthday....Tina and I were on the trail by 6:45 this morning in order for me to complete our 14-miler before my birthday surprise from Jeff. I have to be 'home and ready to go' by 11:30.

Tina had map duty this time, as I was an abysmal failure at that last time. We started out with a long, flat, boring stretch along the Alameda Creek trail all the way out to the bay and back to a turning point. That part was about 6.5 miles. Then we went around Coyote Hills and up the Meadowlark trail, where we hit the big hill. Then down and around and back out to the flat trail for the home stretch.

Matt, Tina's husband, was our 'support' and manned the water stop. He had pretzel sticks (yum!) and gatorade for us at 6.5 miles and about 11.75 miles and at the end. Kudos to Matt for being our water-guy! And kudos to Tina for managing her longest run to date! Nice job! We had a good run. Neither of us got sick...seems the pretzels are a keeper as a snack for both of us. Nice dose of both carbs and salt. Neither of us got injured....although we both have some achy joints. And we kept a pace that will easily have us finishing the Nike in under 5:30....we managed about 11.40/mile for the 14 miles. Woohoo! We gave ourselves a nice, loud "Go Team!" as we finished up and got some strange looks.

I made it home in plenty of time to shower up, and get ready for my surprise...a spa package at Watercourse Way! Yippeee! Some time in the steam room followed by a massage with hot stones. Ahhh, I felt like a well cooked noodle by the time I was finished. Wow, that was way better than an ice bath. A fattening birthday dinner and then I crashed early.....another year older.....but still young at heart.

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