Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Water logged

Despite my lethargy, which was threatening to have me spend the evening on the couch, I met Tina at the pool for a few laps. I was determined to get in there, get my laps done, and get out. Wow, I really am getting burnt out.

Anyway, Tina was a few laps ahead of me by the time I made it to the pool, so I had some catching up to do. Then paddle-hand guy joined our lane and I think we were getting in his way. We made it to 30 laps and then pushed to get 6 more in so that we would make our 1/2 mile. I got in paddle-hand's way once and Tina said he made a noise of disgust. Sheesh. For our last 4 laps we did paddle hands too, just for variety.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but I may push myself to do my 9-miler and have a free weekend. Okay, I mean another free weekend. Woohoo!

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