Thursday, September 28, 2006

Swim like a fish

We hit the pool for our weekly laps. The number of laps depends greatly upon the number of people in the lane, the cleanliness of the pool and what we've eaten that day.

When we arrived there were two lanes open, with only one person in each. Excellent. We started our laps and soon noticed that we were down to one lane. They took our other lane away and were using it for kiddie lessons! And only 2 kiddies at that. Seriously, they take up way less space than we do. You could take 2 lanes worth of kiddies and fit them into one lane. Ah well, there were only four adults in our lane, so it wasn't horrible.

This one guy, Japanese it turns out, had the smoothest strokes. He barely made a splash at all. After we had been flailing around like usual, Tina asked him for some pointers. Turns out he's an infomercial. He points to his hat and says 'you have to get this DVD.' It's called Total Immersion. Okay, we say we'll check it out. Later on as I'm finishing a couple of laps and taking a quick breather, he gives me two quick pointers.
1. look down at the bottom of the pool.
2. push your head down into the water.

Turns out I was riding too high in the water and creating more drag then necessary. Pushing your head down brings the hips up and makes for a more streamlined swimmer. I tried to push my head down and look down, and it did seem to work. I felt smoother in the water and not so splashy. Cool. We managed 52 laps in about 50 minutes.

2 days of rest and then......then 20-miler! If I survive, I'll blog the experience.

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