Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Motion of the ocean/invasion of the sasquatch

Tina and I hit the pool for our weekly laps. Our first indication that it was going to be very busy was the parking lot. We had to park way far away. When we got inside, we could see that there were about 30 women doing the aqua aerobics class. There were only 2 lap lanes open and several people in each lane. What happened to the great nights where we were practically the only ones here?

Taking a look at our choice of the 2 lanes (fast/slow), we opted for slow. Paddle-hands man was in the fast lane and he can get quite testy if he perceives that you get in his way. There were 2 other people in the slow lane, so we'd have to negotiate around them. I started out on my first few laps and noticed something strange. There was an ocean like movement to the water. Okay, maybe more like a lake, but still there was chop. It was coming from the aerobics women! They were making the pool choppy! It was actually difficult to get my head out of the water enough to breathe sometimes. Unbelievable.

We splashed, kicked, and choked our way up to 38 laps when the sasquatch man joined the slow lane. Ewww. Okay, I guess 40 is it for tonight. Well, we have to take it easy anyway for the Disney 1/2. Uh, yeah, that's it.

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