Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just keep swimming....just keep la la la la

Okay, so maybe I've seen Finding Nemo a few too many times.

It was my theme for the evening tho. I hit the pool right after work and when I arrived there were 3 lap lanes open and only one other person. Cool, a lane to myself. Eventually one more person showed up, and by then there were 4 lap lanes open. The pool was clean, I was in a groove. It was probably due to my new streamlined swimming cap. 60 laps and about 47 minutes later I hopped out of the pool and headed home to walk my Bamber-dog. When I left there was still no one else in my lane and only 4 people (including me) in the pool. Where is everyone? Don't know, but it sure was nice....and clean. Did I mention how clean the pool was? :-)

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