Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stricken by injury

Tina and I took off for Garin last night to try and sneak in our run before darkness. We were going to the off leash area so we brought Bam and Teva to keep us company.

We started off from the parking lot and it was pretty comical. The dogs were pretty much dragging us around. With all of Tina's shouting out in surprise, I'm sure people wondered what the heck was going on over there. Hahahahaha!

So we hit the off leash section and settled into the big hill. Ugh, I had forgotten how incredibly long that hill is! Bam and Teva led the way sniffing and marking territory and more sniffing. I caught Bam pawing at a cow pie at a time which I'm sure was just prior to her rolling in it. Luckily she left it alone when I told her to, but it was a close call.

A bit later both dogs took off at a really fast run through the field chasing some birds. It was quite a site!

As we made it up the next big hill, Bam took off after a deer, with Teva following. Teva soon came back, but I had to call and call for Bam. I was sure she was all the way back down the hill and I'd have to go after her. The she comes towards us and I ask Tina "Is she limping??...No....a little, maybe....she's definitely limping." She came hobbling up to us and started whimpering and limping along. I had no idea how we were going to get her out of there. We were at about 1.6 miles and were trying to figure out if it was shorter to go back the way we came, or continue on. Either way is pretty much all downhill. Okay, let's press on.

By now, it's getting fairly dark. Bam is limping along and we're trying to go slow for her. We're starting to wonder which one of us is going to carry her out. Teva's wondering why we're lagging behind. Luckily Bam seems to loosen up a little bit and is trotting along with a pretty normal gait. I put on my headlamp to give us a little more light. I really don't want any more injuries, and the path is pretty bumpy. As we went by some trees, I swore I heard a mountain lion. But then I always think the weird sounds are a mountain lion...particularly when it gets dark.

So, we made it back to the car. 3.5 miles in about 50 minutes. That includes injury time tho and hills!

Bad news is that poor Bam is not wanting to walk today at all. She's holding her back, left leg in the air and not wanting to move. I gave her some ascriptin this morning and will check on her tonight. I think tonight is bed rest for her. Poor girl.

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