Saturday, September 16, 2006

Expo and California Adventure

We hit the expo as soon as it opened this morning in an effort to get the good stuff before it was sold out. We hit the packet pick up first and got our race numbers and timing chips. Tina and I were then off and running like mad women. I think Matt thought we had lost our minds. It was fun tho! Next stop, pick up our commemorative t-shirt, of course. A pretty cool long sleeve dri-fit type running shirt. Excellent!

A quick stop to look at the shadow boxes for finisher medals and then over to the line for commemorative apparel. The line was moving pretty well, then when we got to the front they stopped it to let the check out line clear out. It was okay tho, because we were able to do some 'window' shopping and see what we wanted to grab. Sadly, one of the items I really wanted was already sold out in small! It was this really nice track jacket. Would have been perfect for warming up and running in cooler weather. Dang! We should have come down on Friday and hit the expo then! Argh!! Okay, I settled for some t-shirts and a fleece. Next we cruised around to see what free stuff we could get. We saw some cool t-shirts for sale, but again they were sold out of anything but XL. Sigh.

Once we had our fill of the expo we grabbed some food and then hit the California Adventure park. Not worth the admission price. We should have stuck with good old Disneyland. CA Adventure is pretty small and there are only a few good rides. Tower of Terror is awesome, and California Screamin' is a great roller coaster. But overall a disappointment. Maybe for the extra $20 it would have been worth it to get the park hopper. Ah, well, we really shouldn't have been on our feet so long as it is, so maybe it's good we didn't go to Disneyland since we probably would have spent more time there.

Finding a restaurant was an adventure in itself. Matt's new GPS kept sending us either back to Disneyland or to places that no longer existed. Eventually we made our way to a spaghetti joint, chowed down and headed back to the hotel. Not an early night like we planned, but in bed by 9:00. It's going to be a short night since we have to be up around 3:30 to head over to the starting area by 4:30. The race doesn't even start until 6! What's the rush??

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