Friday, April 25, 2008

Relay recovery, Pig prep

I took Monday and Tuesday as complete rest days to recover from The Relay. Okay, okay, I probably didn't *need* two rest days, as I wasn't really that sore, just exhausted. But with the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon coming up, and my hip having been giving me trouble, I didn't want to push too much over the next week and 1/2.

Wednesday T and I were back to the grindstone, called Elena, to have our legs tortured some more after the long weekend. So, weights and I did a quick spin on the trainer. I also got my new tri-shoes, new cleats, and new pedals. So I'm dying to try them out. I hope I don't fall over.

Thursday we did a nice easy 3 mile run, which Bam thought was *way* too short from the disgusted look she gave me when I told her it was time to turn around. Yes, yes, I do have a vivid imagination when it comes to reading my dog's 'expressions'. Also did a quick swim at night.

Today Elena *made* us do another weight session since we weren't there on Monday. No...really...she forced us to come to the gym. Just wouldn't take no for an answer.

Tomorrow I *should* run a 10 miler as my last long run prior to the Pig. However, with my hip aching I don't want to push it. So, I'm going into a 1/2 marathon having not done a double digit run. Does running 18 miles in 2 days on no sleep = one lousy double digit run? I dunno, but we're gonna find out. If I'm not prepped enough and my brother leaves me to eat his dust, I'm gonna be so sad. Okay, I'll be happy for *him*, but sad for me. It's not all about me after all. Wow, who wrote that sentence. ;-)

Sunday T and I are heading back to Uvas reservoir to tackle The Hill again. We're hoping to kick it's butt this time.....maybe twice. Wish us luck.

Happy weekend everyone!

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