Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did somebody turn up the heat?

The weekend arrived as promised with tons of sunshine and a furnace full of heat. It was actually a shock to the system to go from 60s to high 80s overnight.

Saturday was super low key. I kept trying to psych myself up to go for a bike ride, but just couldn't make myself do it. So instead I did some spring cleaning, we washed the motorcycles and the car, and I cleaned the back patio, including the eaves and windows. Ah, much better...for a few days at least.

Sunday was my solo 10k. Jeff rode down with me for moral support since he couldn't run. Besides, I told him he should at least get his tee shirt. After all we paid for it. :-) A quick check of said the temp at 9:00 (the 10k start time) was supposed to be 65 degrees. Perfect. I almost put my running capris on, but decided at the last minute to wear my skirt instead. LUCKY for me.

I think it was already about 70-75 before we even got started and the temperature seemed to be rising quickly. I was hoping to really push this run, mainly because it was really flat, and get a new record, but soon realized the heat wouldn't let me do that. The first 3 miles were on target, but after that my energy was sapped. There was absolutely no shade on the course, so the sun just beat down on me the entire time. If I wasn't deliriously dehydrated I might have notice that I was less than a minute from beating my best 10k time and maybe I could have pushed myself a bit more. But then again, I was already getting nauseous at the pace I was pushing, so maybe not.

The run finished up at a local high school, and for a few agonizing minutes towards the end, I thought the race directors were going to be sadistic enough to make us finish up by running a lap around the track. Thankfully I was completely wrong. Official time 57:47 for 6.2 miles. So, not a record, but given the heat I'll take it. I think the temperature was about 85 on the car thermometer when we left. No wonder I wanted to throw up. :-)

At the finish line I grabbed a goodie bag, a bottle of water, and my free Jamba Juice and we headed out to breakfast. Home again, home again to do a bit of work stuff before T lured me out with a swim break at the lake. Even with the wetsuit, the water was a bit chilly at first. We soon warmed up as we realized, once again, how different 'open' water swimming is. And can I just say, the lake was kind of grossing me out. I guess the pool isn't so bad after all. Oh, and the Orca wetsuit is *AWESOME*. I feel just like a killer whale. Uh huh, save those comments if you please. I mean sleek and fast. Okay, okay, and kind of blubbery floaty too. :-)

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