Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And then there was one....

Last night I took Bam to Garin for a hilly trail run. Last week we did the little side, this week we did the big side. I'm always a little concerned about the cows out there. Oh, not that Bam will chase them, but that they will chase us. Bam's pretty good when I tell her to 'stay with me' by the cows. Ever since she *really* got chased by one I think she's a little freaked out by them. It was a tough run. I just didn't feel it on the hills and even had to take a break going up one of them. But we made it all the way around and almost down the last hill, when sure enough, an angry cow started to come after us. We must've looked scared enough that it decided it didn't need to go in for the kill because it didn't chase us too long. Hm, maybe it can smell that we're a couple of carnivores. :-) Anyway, a tough run of about 5k in 34 minutes. Yep, slow too.

This morning I went to the pool to get in my first swim of the week. The schedule called for 1800 yards broken down into segments with rest in between. I decided that I didn't need to rest so I'd just do laps. (Schedule?!?! I don't need no stinkin' schedule! :-) Every lane had 2 people already, so I pushed my way in and made the 'fast' lane do circles instead of splitting the lane. The girl was definitely fast, the guy not so much, but he was courteous enough to step aside when he thought he might be in the way. He dropped out fairly soon and then the girl and I split the lane. And then she dropped out and I had the lane all to myself. For my last 12-15 laps I was the only one in the pool! I started to imagine the lifeguard thinking "Is she *ever* going to finish?!?!" :-) Roughly 40 laps (remember, I tend to lose count and repeat), 2000 yds, in about 50 minutes (I think). Tonight I *should* spin for an hour, but I may veg out instead. That remains to be seen.

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fishsprout said...

This just makes me so sad... I wish I could watch u guys get trampled by cows... This stinks :(