Friday, April 11, 2008

Feels like slacking off

It seems like I haven't done enough training this week. No, really, I think I've been slacking off since T has been out of commission and not pushing me to get out there.

Monday: Weights and a 5k-ish hilly run
Tuesday: Swim 2000 and spin for 30 minutes
Wednesday: Weights and a 5k-ish speed work run
Thursday: NOTHING (well, except for some major shopping, but I don't think it counts)
Friday: Swim 2100 and.....maybe that's it, don't know what I'll do tonight, if anything

Yep, that's it for the week. Man, I *AM* a slacker this week.

This weekend it's supposed to be amazingly sunny (finally), so I'd like to hit the lake for an 'open' water swim. And try out my new wetsuit. What's that?!?! You didn't know I had a new wetsuit?!?! Well, I do! It was a smokin' $25 deal that T scored me off Craigslist. It's a used Team In Training, full wetsuit, but for $25 how could I go wrong?!? Kudos to T for that find! Such a good training friend. (Reminder to T for wetsuit....) :-)

Sunday it looks like I'm on my own for the 10k. T is out with her knee injury and now Jeff is out with a knee injury too. Hmmm, what's the common denominator here? I think it's me. I hope I don't get my bad mojo on anyone else! I told T that I'll try to run as fast as I can. Then maybe I'll hurt my knee too and can join the fashionable new club they have going.

Seriously tho, Jeff is going in to the doctor on Monday and we hope there's nothing that will keep him from running the Pig in 3 weeks. OH MAN! Only 3 more weeks till Pig. Gotta get my slackin' butt moving!

If you have some spare good karma laying around, send it my way for my solitary 10k this Sunday! Happy Weekend.

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fishsprout said...

Wow, we've come a long way if you say that's a slacker workout! :D

Sorry, no good karma for you... You're going to hell and you know it. At least I'll be there waiting for you with a Cashmoor robe!

OMG. What if hell has no dryer, and our Cashmoor is crunchy!

PS. I'll bring the sharpie to Quarry. :-p