Monday, March 31, 2008

Hoofin' and hills

Tina and I ran the Mermaid 10k on Sunday. It's an all women's run and this was our second year running it, although last year we did the 5k after running a trail run on Saturday.

This year we had a longer drive to get to the run, since they moved it from Fremont to Mountain View. I think the Shoreline park allowed them to have more participants, and it showed. We arrived *plenty* early and sat in the comfort of the car until it was time to hit the porta-potties and then the start line. Right before we were ready to jump out, T turned the ignition on to check the outside temp, and was rewarded with nothing but 'click', 'click'. Hm, the battery had died and we didn't even have any lights on! Ah well, no time to worry about that now, we have a run to finish. :-)

The start was really crowded and it was tough to get my rhythm going. Eventually it thinned out a little, but it was still quite crowded. I was pushing the run a bit, trying to stay around a 9:15 pace. I managed to negotiate the dirt/paved trail and finally made it to the finish line in 57:04. T came in shortly after that with a tweaked knee and wheezing from all the stupid dust. We went to get her an ice pack, which turned out not icy at all, and then headed to check out the booths. There weren't too many vendors and the food line was *HUGE* so we headed to the organizers to see about borrowing some jumper cables. We were directed to some cables and even found a really nice European gentleman to hook 'em up and jump the battery. Schweet.

We decided to squeeze our Cindy taper ride in right after the 10k and (biiiiig mistake) T delegated route planning to me. Yeah, I have a *little* problem with paying attention to elevation. We ended up doing a much hillier route than either of us cared to, especially after a 10k. But we did it. In another week we'll be done with Cindy and prepping for the Uvas Tri. Well, not that we haven't been tri prepping all along....we just won't have to do such looooong rides. Oh, and we'll *get* to add in some bricks. Joy.

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