Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sum it up

Just wanted to give a run down of recent activities for all my fans out there (hahahahaha):


....let's see, oh yeah...Saturday was a 50 mile, ok, ok, 49 mile ride. T and I 'borrowed' another route sheet from the Fremont Freewheelers bicycle club and did a bunch of riding around Livermore for a total of 49 miles and 1700 feet of elevation gain. Notable parts of the ride:

T's flat tire 10 minutes into the ride, where we learned that some bike tires only go on the rim one way and where two cyclists that passed us (in separate incidences) asked if we were okay. I guess we looked as inept as we were feeling. :-)

The hill where the route sheet warned us to "gear down". I dutifully down shifted and pedaled right up the hill. That was it?!? Uh, no. As we turned a corner the reason for gearing down was soon in full view. I pedaled and down shifted and pedaled some more. Soon I was in my lowest gear and having to stand up to pedal and keep moving. I barely made it to the top and stopped to catch my breath. That's when I looked down and saw that I hadn't geared down at all. I was still on my big ring. Doh! No wonder I almost died on that hill.

At mile 39 we were instructed to take a coffee break at Noah's Bagels. So of course we did. We split a bagel, had coffee (T) and hot chocolate (me), and pedaled the remaining 10 miles of our route.

All in all, we covered 49 miles. Our longest ride yet. :-) One more long ride (55 miles) until the main event on April 5. Yippee!


Sunday was the Dublin Shamrock 5k. We like this run because pups are allowed. :-) The whole family participated, Jeff, Bam and me. Matt, Tina and Teva ran too. It was Jeff's first event 'running' and Bam and I stuck with him the whole way. Well, until the last 100 yards or so where he took off and left us. Bam was tuckered out and wouldn't be dragged along to keep up. 3.1 miles in just under 31 minutes. Not too bad for his first 'real' run. :-)


Weights and then after work running. We hit Coyote Hills and it was SUPER windy. The Garmin kept saying we were running around 10:30 miles but it felt like 9:30s! That was some serious wind factor. We managed to pound out 5.5 miles before darkness and Bam's exhaustion 'forced' us to quit for the night. Darn, so sad. :-)

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