Friday, March 21, 2008

Random musings

Workout summary since I last blogged:

Tuesday: I was a slacker and just did my swim. Total 1200-1300 yards. I tend to lose count and end up repeating drills because I can't remember where I'm at. I need to get one of those little hand clicker counter thingies.

Wednesday: Weights followed immediately by 5 miles on the treadmill at an average 8:56 pace. Not recommended. :-)

Thursday: 20 minutes on the trainer, 40 minutes running, another 20 minutes on the trainer. I was supposed to get all my biking in before Jeff got home and we went for 'his' run, but I didn't quite make it. I don't recommend this sequence either. :-)

TV Show Anticipation: The final season (4) of Battlestar Galactica starts on April 4th. Yes! I know, I know, I'm exposing myself as a sci fi geek, but what I can I say? Guilty. Amazingly there's a 'recap' of a season 4 episode on the web site. Hmm, wonder if that's a mistake or a teaser to suck people in? I hope they wrap up all the loose ends satisfactorily. :-) Also, when are the shows coming back with new episodes?!? Do Meredith and McDreamy (Grey's Anatomy) end up together or what?!?

Sporting Equipment upgrades: I ordered some triathlon shoes from Bicycle Garage. I took them home with my new pedals and cleats, hoping to have them installed on Ruby tomorrow. Um, yeah, I've decided I need a smaller shoe size. I called my 'dealer', Fred, to tell him. I'm sure he hates hearing from me. I'm such a biking newbie that I always have tons of questions and have a hard time making up my mind about anything. Yeah, he's going to start screening my calls. I'm sure of it.

New Favorite Song to Finish Up A Run To: This Ain't a Scene by Fallout Boy

Weekend plans: Long run of 8 miles, long bike of 55-ish miles, lots of eating. On separate days, if you please, except for the eating which seems pretty much continuous these days. My legs aren't going to be happy with me come Sunday afternoon. Sigh, so what's new? No other big plans..I think that's probably enough to wipe me out. Happy Weekend!

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