Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just beat

I'm just exhausted. Some how, some way, I need to build in some down time to my training schedule. Trying to fit in long runs, long rides, swimming and weight training is leaving me drained. I think things will be 'better' after the Cinderella ride is over (April 5). Until then, somethings going to have to give.

So far this week I've covered:
Mon: weights in the morning, 3.25 mile hill run at Garin
Tue: swim 1200 yds in the morning, bike on the trainer for 8 miles (about 35 min)
Wed: weights in the morning, bike on the trainer for 8 more miles

Today I was supposed to get up and swim, but I just couldn't make myself do it. The dark morning and sprinkle of rain didn't help matters much. Also, I'm supposed to do a 7 mile run today at some point. That's my long run for the week. It would normally be a weekend thing, but since we're supposed to do a long ride (50-ish miles) and we have a Shamrock 5k on Sunday, I just don't think I can also fit in a 7 miler over the weekend. So it's either today or tomorrow. I brought my stuff so I *could* run at lunch. I'll have to see if I can get myself motivated for that one. My body seems to be in full rebellion at this point. Maybe once the drugs kick in for my various aches and pains I'll be able to regain command.

Side note: Last weekend Jeff and I volunteered at the Art Inspires Hope event that benefits Camp Okizu. We volunteered last year and decided to pitch in again this year. The camp is for kids with cancer and their families. It's a place the kids can feel normal around a bunch of other kids who are facing similar problems. It was a good night spent for a good cause. This year we got to interact with the hoity toity rich folks more as we were guarding the fancy jewelry that was being auctioned off. It was fun talking to them and unbelieveable just how *much* money some of these folks obviously had. Starting bid $2000, no problem..let's bid on several things. I was wondering if the sluggish economy (*cough*...recession...*cough*) would hinder the amount of money they were able to raise this year, but I received word that they raised around $450,000 for the camp from the auctions and donations. That's an increase of more than $150,0000 over what they were able to raise last year. An incredible night for the camp.

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Phil said...

you are a machine. down time is a good idea. or save that 7 mile run for Sunday and just do the Shamrock run twice!