Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatcha doin?

Not too much going on really. Work, work, work. Bah.

Last Friday T and I headed out for the Palo Alto Moonlight Run 10k. As you might deduce from the name, it was at night. We arrived just in time to grab our bibs, slap them on and head out to the 10k start. It was a little cool to start and massively crowded. I thought it was going to be a little local run, but evidently it's a pretty big deal. The crowd was actually a bit of a pain to try to negotiate around. Even worse when the run squeezed onto a bayland trail. We finished in just over an hour. And there was hardly any food left. And no goodies at all. I guess you have to hit the goodie booths *before* the run. Sigh. Cute long sleeved shirt tho. :-)

Sunday was a 20 mile ride up and down Calaveras and then a tiny run. It wasn't meant to be a tiny run, but we (okay, okay, I admit it it was ME) had the brilliant idea of running one of the trails. Even tho neither of us are really familiar with the trails out there. We figured, well, how bad could it be. Should be a loop, right? Uh, yeah, a freakin' straight UP loop. We did a tiny loop, less than a mile, and I wanted to spit up a lung. Or two. So that wasn't such a great idea. We forced ourselves do another mile along a stretch of the road and called it a day.

And this week I've just been dealing with work, trying to squeeze in a workout here and there. And dealing with getting Bam into an ortho specialist (she goes next week). Oh, and more work, and a little more work. If only I got paid overtime....

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