Sunday, September 07, 2008

If only I had listened to the stars....

"It might sound like fun, but you can't spend your life going from one adventure to another ~ you just won't have the energy for it....Quit while you're ahead and remind yourself how nice it can be to stay home and watch TV."

That's part of my Yahoo horoscope for today.  Man, those stars know what's what.  

I woke up yesterday with some kind of head cold/body ache thing.  But I made myself get out of bed and go to the cardio sculpt class at the gym anyway.  I really like that class.  She usually makes us do intervals of weights and cardio which makes the time go by pretty fast.  I was tired most of the day and had a huge nap and didn't get a whole lot done. 

So this morning I slept in a bit and then Jeff cajoled me into going for the "long" run I had planned.  I said I was planning to go 10 miles and Jeff asked "when was the last time you've run that far?"  Hm, good point. I guess it was Barb's Race, but that wasn't running.  So, listening to my own advice that I gave my brother, I didn't want to increase mileage too fast.  Since I've run a couple of 10k distances lately, I decided to do 7 miles and call it a day.  I looked out the door and the sun was shining brightly.  Well, no time like the present.  Yeah, it turned out to be quite warm and my run was what I will call "Junk Miles."  I couldn't keep the pace I wanted.  Couldn't keep any pace really.  I was sweating buckets and just felt weak.  To be honest I haven't had a decent run since before Barb's 1/2 IM.  I don't know what's up.  

I think I need some down time.  Some base building time, instead of 'training' for an event time. So I think that the Mermaid Sprint Tri on Sept. 28th will be my last event for the year.  Even though I had thoughts of running another 1/2 marathon this year.  A substitute for Nike, if you will.  But now I'm not sure I will. I may just take some time, figure out what kind of base training I want to do over the winter and get started.  My only hesitation is that I'm not so good at keeping up the training without the motivation of an upcoming event.  Well, I'll have to think about this some more.  Right now I'm too tired. ;-)

Should have listened to those wise old stars.

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