Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medical Mystery

Bam really needs to go on the Medical Mysteries show.

She's been having limping/neck pain issues for a while now. Yelping when she tweaks her neck. Keeping it really stiff when she gets up. Both her regular vet, and the orthopedic vet she was referred to, were sure there was a protruding disc in her neck causing nerve pain. Or worse, tumors on her spine causing the same symptoms. So today she got a contrast CT scan, some x-rays, and a spinal fluid sample drawn. And yes, it's just as expensive for dogs as it is for people. And once again they showed....nothing significant. Sigh. I wouldn't feel so bad about spending the money if we had some answers. But she continues to stump the pros. It may be wrong, but I'm hoping the fluid sample shows something because then we'll at least have something to fix. Right now all we have to show for the piles of money is this:

And yes, the other dogs *will* point and laugh.

1 comment:

fishsprout said...

That's freakin AWESOME! We could cover it up with a dino costume... ;)