Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick and dirty race report

Work has been an absolute pain in the arse (again?!? you may ask....yes, sadly it's just getting worse.) so I don't have time for my usual play by play race report. I'll have to give you the highlights.

T and I did the Santa Cruz Mermaid Sprint Tri last Sunday. We had previewed the course and to put it politely, we weren't fond of it. So my only thoughts about the race were that I'd be glad when it was over. Highlights of the day:
  1. I'm psychic. I told T on the way to the race that I felt like I was going to have a flat on the bike. Yep, I did. (see highlight #5 below)
  2. The ocean swim was no problem really. Except for the nasty salt water getting in my mouth I was fine. I wasn't even having my usual, sprint-distance, panic breathing. I think it may be because I was moving at a snail's pace. Also I didn't think of sharks at all once I got in the water.
  3. T1 included a short run through the sand and a climb up about 100 stairs. No, I'm not kidding.
  4. My feet were numb from the cold water. It probably didn't help that I don't really kick much when I swim in tris. They finally warmed up about the time we finished the run. So I didn't have to have amputate any due to frostbite.
  5. I actually got a flat. Thankfully at the *top* of a hill. T stopped to help me change it. And a SAG (support and gear) guy stopped to help T help me change it. And he was so enthusiastic and excited to help that I told T to just let him do it. If I had known that Chatty Cathy SAG guy was going to give me a 15-20 minute recess from my race I would have smacked him away and T and I would have shoved that tire on there in no time.
  6. I *almost* got creamed by cars, or by other bikes because of cars, no less than 4 times on the bike route. Traffic control, although they had a lot of cops out there, was horrific. There were not clear instructions to the cars about 'stay' or 'go' and it provided some heart pounding moments for sure.
  7. The road was about as nice as a wash board. Crap road. Just crap.
So, as you might imagine, I won't be participating in this race again. Once was more than enough. Although finish time-wise it was a sad ending to a pretty good year, I'm glad to be through the season. With work sucking up my life, I don't have time or energy to work out anyway. Sigh.

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