Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year...a bit late

Just trying to get back into the swing of things after the holiday break.

I spent Christmas with my family in Illinois. Amazingly, despite the nasty weather the day we arrived, our flight in was on time and our flight out was only delayed about an hour.

It was a fabulous visit, especially the time spent visiting at my brother's house. My nieces are 4 yrs old and 9 months old and man are they Supercute. That's right, with a capital S. Spencer (4 yrs) is incredibly bright and full of energy and Parker is crawling all around, so close to walking, and more contemplative. Just adorable. Oh, and it was nice to visit my brother and sister-in-law too. ;-)

I was able to squeeze in a 6 miler on Christmas afternoon when it was a balmy 41 degrees. Then a 3 miler with my brother when it was about 30 degrees. Brrrr. It was the first time my brother and I have run together in a *very* long time (like high school age) and it was nice. Too bad I don't live closer, it would be fun to run together more often. Although before long I'm sure he'd be leaving me in the dust.

We have both verbally committed to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati on May 4. Jeff's committed to running a leg in the marathon relay team that my cousin is putting together too. It'll be a family event with 2 of my cousins running, me and Jeff, my brother, and possibly my aunt. Oh, and Spencer is going to do the Flying Piglet, which is a little 'race' for kids. Her age group runs 50 yds and everybody gets a medal and t-shirt and goodie bag. "I like goodie bags" says Spencer. That's my girl. :-)

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