Thursday, January 17, 2008


Quick update....

On Tuesday Tina, Teva, Bam and I did about 5.25 miles. Included 2 mile warm up, 4x400 intervals and 2 more miles to finish up. I'll have to get the graph posted up. Our intervals were in the 8:30/mile range, which is good, but the 'rest' phase was in the 18:30/mile range. So we averaged out to a 10:00/mile pace. Which is just about right. It was super foggy and we were out there super early. It was so foggy, we could see better with our headlights off. Kinda creepy.

I *should* have run today but this stupid cold that I've been battling has had a resurgence and I just feel crappy. So I figured I'd be better off to relax for a day than try to push it. But with the 1/2 just over 2 weeks away, I feel out of shape and not prepared at all. Sigh.

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