Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend update

No, sorry it's not the SNL weekend update, it's just me.

Friday evening after work I had an appointment to get dunked. The tank is in a mobile-home type vehicle. It has a couple of changing rooms and a waiting 'area' and a super warm dunk tank. It's supposed to be the 'gold standard' of fat testing. Tina's work arranged for them to come out and she got us appointments. This was the second time we'd done it and the process was pretty much the same. Get your swimming suit on, weigh in, and then jump into the super warm tank. Then you prop yourself up on what's pretty much a meat scale. You have to blow *all* the air out of your lungs and as you do, you sink down. Your weight in the water vs. dry weight gives the body fat info. The good fat % has gone down over 4% since last July. The bad news....I'm still fat. Well, I'm in the 'good' range, at 20.4%. I want to be in the awesome range, but I just don't think that's going to happen. Tina's in the awesome range. She's my hero. :-) I got home and a cold hit me like a brick wall. I knew I shouldn't have gone into that nasty water at the last appointment of the day. ;-)

Saturday early afternoon Tina and I were supposed to do our long run. I wasn't feeling too hot so I was pretty much just resting and waiting until she got home and was ready to head out. Soon enough Jeff yelled to me "You have mail!" Well, maybe it's not Tina. Darn! Well, maybe she doesn't want to go after all. Darn! Ah, well, then let's go and get it over with. We did a loop around Coyote Hills and a stretch down the Alameda trail. Our plan was 8 miles and T was really pushing the pace at about 10:00/mile. I was having a mediocre day and just followed along as best I could. We were approaching the 8 mile mark and I could see the underpass we had to get to in the distance. Okay, let's just get to there. We ended up at 8.5 miles. Since my Nano/Nike+ seems to be having issues and I don't know how to post the info from my Garmin, I'll have to summarize here:

Total mileage: 8.51
Time: 1:24:46
Average pace: 9:58/mile
Average heart rate: 173/bpm
Calories burned: 912

Sunday was spent running errands and then Jeff wanted to try running around Lake Elizabeth. I went along and took Bam for her walk/run since it would be a short one. We did one lap, 2 miles, where Jeff walked/ran and I mostly ran, except for the million times I stopped while the pup sniffed around. Bam and I caught up to Jeff right at the end and we walked another lap. Unfortunately the running was making Jeff's back ache. I don't know if his back will allow him to get up to the 6-ish miles that he'd have to do in the Flying Pig relay. We'll have to see how it goes. Summary for today:

Total mileage: 2.31
Time: 22:54
Average pace: 9:54/mile
Average heart rate: 156/bpm
Calories burned: 237

Kudos go out to my big brother, Jedi Dad! I checked out his blog and see he's done his longest run to date, 5.25 miles! Awesome job man, I'm so proud of you! Can't wait to run the 1/2 Pig with him, although he may just kick my ass!

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