Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Sux

I've got a 1/2 marathon to run in a week and 3 days. And I've been down for the count with a cold or the flu or something. I haven't been feeling 100% since last week, but did the 10 miler on Saturday anyway. And while it went fairly well, I think it was my undoing. I pretty much crashed on Sunday and by Monday I was fighting a fever, chills, body ache, fatigue, you name it. Yuck. My fever has finally broken after topping out just under 102 degrees. I was truly miserable and am so thankful to be even just a bit better. I'm not going to expect much from my performance next week in the 1/2. T will just have to leave me behind and run her scorching pace all by herself. Hopefully I'll finish in enough time to catch our flight. T ~ hold the shuttle for me, k? ;-)

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Phil said...

no worries. you still have time to recover. hope you get better soon.