Sunday, October 15, 2006

Schlepping the bag

Definition of schlep (courtesy of Urban :
1) A long and tiresome walk.
2) To carry, bring or otherwise transmit something which is difficult to move.

I think both definitions fit what I did today. Okay, so I don't carry the golf bag so much as push it around. But hey, it's up and down hills, so it's still a challenge. And the walk is definitely long if not tiresome. I wanted to wear my Garmin to see just how long, but the stupid battery is dead. I guess it's good to find that out today rather than next Sunday for Nike.

I caddied for JD today at Eagle Ridge, which is a challenging walk. We cheated a bit by hitching a ride up some of the bigger hills with his playing partners. It was a beautiful sunny day for the most part. Cooled off a bit as the sun was setting and about that time I was ready to get out of there. JD was struggling a bit with the clubs but did pull off an awesome bomb of a drive to win the longest drive competition and a spectacular tee shot on a par 3 led to a closest to the pin win also. Ahhh, pay the caddy. :-)

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